Public Comprehensive School of the Strug Valley
in Chmielnik
Our school in Poland

There are about 2300 Liceum Ogolnaksztalcace in Poland, including since 2002 Społeczne LO Doliny Strugu in Chmielnik. Is our school somehow outstanding from those often almost over one hundred years old schools? Let’s try to check it out!

* in many Liceum in Poland there is one computer available for approximately 41 students ( data from 2001). In our school and in Gimnazjum one computer is available for not more than 7 students, not to mention those in LO classrooms.

* High schools in Poland offer many teaching profiles. In our school we create them ourselves, by first getting to know the teacher, students and their needs. We can also set our own development paths and help choosing the right teacher to conduct it.

* It is said that Polish schools manager to discover only abort 3-4% of students talents whereas those in USA over 50%. In our school students can attend many scholars and trainings, such as musical (we sang many songs composed by the vocalist of “Manitou”- Andrzej Piesiewicz) or theatrical ones and also sport ones like judo classes, conducted by the Polish Vice Champion mgr Zbigniew Rzepka.

* Our school organizes trips and meetings with interesting people. Because we are a small school, we can easily organize such expeditions and travel to different spots. We have already been to Gdansk, Warsaw, Cracow, Wrocław and on bikes in Lwow, Prague, Vienna, Slovakian Paradise, Slovakian Tatras and Polesie Lubuskie. We have talked to the ambassador of Israel and met the youth from Ukraine and Italy.

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